Success Prediction

Lit-X Success Prediction lets you analyze drivers of success, predict the success of a certain topic as one key driver, and ultimately configure your drivers for maximal success. 

  • Success driver isolation

    Identify which basic success drivers are relevant in a particular genre. You can differentiate between aspects such as publisher, author, protagonist, storyline, plot location. For example, in one genre the publisher alone may be the decisive factor for success, while in others a strong author is the main success driver, while in others the storyline is the leading factor.

  • Success driver deep-dive

    Isolate individual success drivers and dive deeper into the detailed analysis of these. For example, you can further divide psychological traits of the protagonist into motivation, habits, emotional disposition, or behavioral tendencies. In this way, you can better understand how to shape a likely successful manuscript; for example, you can change the theme from "nerdy teenagers who save the world with magic" to "schoolgirls who become eco-heroes."

  • Success design simulation

    Test different constellations of success drivers and their influence on the probability of success of a publication. For example, vary author characteristics, protagonist characteristics, topics, or the way you publish to create an optimal setup. For example, you can change the location of a manuscript from Hamburg to New York and get an immediate assessment of the change in the probability of success.

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