Price Setting

Lit-X AI- & data-driven Price Setting addresses book publishers. It allows you to define a unique comparison group vs. any publisher/author/title combination, define a competitive initial price, adjust the life-cycle pricing based on a cohort comparison, and analyze your own or your competitor's price-change impact via a revenue estimation.


  • Efficient

    Set strategic life-time prices faster and better informed for more titles

  • Quality

    Set data-driven prices, that directly optimize your bottom-line impact

  • Repeatable

    Repeat your individual process reliably for every title you acquire or sell

  • Robust

    Benefit long-term from initially well-set prices, for eBooks or print

  • Happy

    Focus on value-adding tasks that are fun, not manual research

  • Empowered

    Start working with AI and data and embrace this entirely new work era


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  • Define a unique peer group fitting your to-be-priced title, based on genre, publishing date, product variant, success and many more
  • Compare a transparent pricing distribution for your defined peer group and directly compare, e.g., with a competitive peer group 
  • Track price development over time in order to understand trajectories and adjust your pricing decision to anticipated future development
  • Differentiate your pricing for different product variants, publishing cohorts or other detail aspects 

Data Scope

We constantly extend our data scope. Depending on the data type, the scope may vary marginally. Currently, we cover the following data scope: 

  • Countries: Germany, United States
  • Titles: All titles generally available
  • Authors: All authors generally available
  • Genres: Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Children's (only story-telling sub-genres), Romance
  • Genres hierarchy: We provide a three-level genre hierarchy: 
    • Level 1, e.g., "Thrillers"
    • Level 2, e.g., "Thrillers - Supernatural"
    • Level 3, e.g., "Thrillers - Supernatural - Vampires"
  • Data types: Publisher, author, author gender, title, topic, various success metrics, ratings, reviews, price, product variants, popularity (custom use cases may include additional data types)
  • Sources: We collect data from dozens of sources including but not limited to major online shops, review communities, agent communities, individual publishers, distributors, agent and author pages, social media platforms, text aggregators, and industry associations. 
  • Updates: Data is updated once per month

    Data Quality

    Our data runs through an extensive quality control process. We capture all potential issues in an automated and reliable way. Issues addressed are constantly being updated, since we continuously increase our data quality further, dive deeper into the data and explore more use cases.

    Common issues include misspellings (e.g., Stefen King), different ways of writing names (e.g., H. P. Lovecraft vs. HP Lovecraft), data gaps in our input sources (e.g., no price available), wrong data in our input sources (e.g., miss categorized: "The Gift" in "Gift books" instead of "Thriller"), and many more.  


        • Updates are generally done on a monthly basis
        • Updates imply a data pull from all available sources
        • Updated data doesn't overwrite previous data but is appended to it, building a transparent timeline and adding value to the data

            Success Definition

            We define "success" as a multi-layered metric that is user-centric and consists of two main aspects:
            • It includes a reader perception component that measures how well a book is received by the readership based on ratings and reviews
            • It includes an approximation of actual sales based on price, number and value of ratings, reviews, bestseller list entries, and more



                  Try out our fully functional Trend Scouting demo. It portrays all major features and the tool's look & feel using anonymous data. It's similarly representative of the Price Setting use case.

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                  Price Setting

                  Price Setting

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