We are passionate about literature, data and insights and hope to create value for our customers.

Lars Leipson

Co-Founder/CEO, Business

LinkedIn: Lars Leipson
M: +49 (0) 157 86 80 06 08
E: Lars.Leipson@lit-x.com

Sebastian Hermanns

Co-Founder/CEO, Data Science

LinkedIn: Sebastian Hermanns
M: +49 (0) 160 65 88 596
E: Sebastian.Hermanns@lit-x.com

Our Advisory Board

We have the pleasure of being supported by highly experienced and knowledgeable industry experts.

Prof. Dr. Okke Schlüter

Advisory board member

Chair and professor at the Stuttgart Media University

LinkedIn: Okke Schlüter

Stefan Trummer

Advisory board member

Former CFO of Aufbau Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

LinkedIn: Stefan Trummer

How Lit-X Came To Be

The idea of Lit-X was born from Lars' struggle to secure a publisher for his very first, and very amateur, novel. During this journey, he delved into the book publishing world. Drawing on his consulting experience he couldn't help but stumble upon a variety of improvement and business opportunities in the industry. Over various discussions with Sebastian, fueled by good food and a couple of beers, we refined and transformed these ideas into one compelling data sciency approach: collect the literature data treasure out there and make it accessible to book publishers in order to improve their businesses. After subsequent discussions with more than 35 publishers, helped to get the idea right: Lit-X was born and came to be what you can see today.