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Lit-X allows you to analyze trend topics, e.g., the success of genres, publishers, authors, titles, and topics over time and internationally. Also, it helps you to optimize your bookfluencer marketing, e.g., by enabling you to identify the hottest and most relevant bookfluencers, monitor their performance, and understand who speaks about your authors or titles. Moreover, Lit-X enables you to optimize your price setting, e.g., by finding the right initial price, continuously realizing a title's life cycle pricing, and analyzing the impact of price changes on revenue. 

The Lit-GPT allows you to leverage our Lit-GPT AI tool. The tool works just like Chat-GPT, Google Gemini, or any other conversational AI tool. The difference: It is exclusively connected to our literature-related data treasure. You can conveniently ask Lit-GPT any questions you might have and the constantly learning AI tool will give you a fast and to-the-point answer. Should you wish to jump into a deeper analysis of Lit-GPT's answers, you can connect your regular Lit-X use cases and explore the underlying data. 

Data scope

We constantly extend our data scope. Depending on the data type, the scope may vary marginally. Currently, we cover the following data scope: 

  • Countries: Germany, United States
  • Titles: All titles generally available
  • Authors: All authors generally available
  • Genres: Children's, Crime, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult, Thriller; all genres are limited to story-telling sub-genres, excluding, e.g., educational materials
  • Genres hierarchy: We provide a three-level genre hierarchy that is adjusted to industry standards across providers and can be individualized in a Custom use case: 
    • Level 1, e.g., "Thrillers"
    • Level 2, e.g., "Thrillers - Supernatural"
    • Level 3, e.g., "Thrillers - Supernatural - Vampires"
  • Data types: Publisher, author, author gender, title, topic, various success metrics, ratings, reviews, price, product variants, popularity (custom use cases include many additional data types depending on individual request)
  • Sources: We collect data from dozens of sources including but not limited to major online shops, review communities, agent communities, individual publishers, distributors, agent and author pages, social media platforms, text aggregators, and industry associations. 
  • Updates: Data is generally updated once per month. Social Media data is updated continuously, aiming for weekly updates. 

    After your order

    • Firstly, you will receive a confirmation e-mail confirming we received your order.
    • We then process your order and grant you access to your purchased use case.
    • As soon as we have processed your order a new link "Your Use Cases" will appear in the top navigation for you. Here, you can access your purchased use case.
    • Please allow any pop-ups and third party-cookies for our page, to have an optimal single-sign-on (SSO) experience.
    • When you purchase a standard use case product, you can immediately access your dashboard.
    • When you purchase a customized product, we'll reach out to you to schedule a call to discuss your individual customization requirements. After the customization, you'll be able to access your product through the same "Your Use Case" link in the top navigation.
    • You can check whether or not your order has already been processed in your customer account under "Order details".


        Purchasing conditions

        • Lit-X Custom solutions be invoiced with a custom quote 
        • The quote includes your original request, beforehand mutually agreed upon Lit-X deliverables, and a pricing sheet
          • The pricing sheet consists of three parts:
            • 1. a one-off fee that is based on the hour investment estimation necessary to realize your request
            • 2. a subscription plan that ensures continuous access to your unique dashboard
            • 3. an additional fee per additional seat 
        • The one-off fee has to be paid up-front and is non-refundable
        • The subscription follows the general Lit-X subscription policy
          • All Lit-X use cases can be purchased as annual subscriptions  
          • Payments are due at the beginning of the subscription period
          • You can cancel your subscription for the upcoming subscription period up until the last day of the previous subscription period by yourself through your customer profile
          • All subscriptions renew themselves automatically after the last subscription period, if not canceled in time 
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