Lit-X Trends: Identify & validate authors

Lit-X Trends: Identify & validate authors

In this example analysis, we use Lit-X Trend Scouting to identify the promising author Angie Kim and validate her potential through online and social media reach as well as historical success development.  


Step 1: Define Scope

In the first step, we set the overarching filters. We narrow down the "Content Language" to English but keep all other filters at their default values.


Step 2: Identify Genre Trend

In the second step, we analyze the genre trend quadrants for the USA. We notice that "Suspense" has a high Monthly Increase in Success. This means that titles in this sub-genre have, on average, gained success in the last month. Additionally, by positioning it in Full Time Success, we see that this sub-genre is comparatively successful overall.



Step 3: Identify Title Trend

After selecting the genre, we now look for titles with a high Monthly Increase in Success but are not yet very successful overall, meaning they have a slightly lower Full Time Success. After reviewing several titles, we settle on "Happiness Falls: A Novel" by Angie Kim. The circle is green, indicating a good rating, and it also has at least some Social and Online Reach. With a glance at the next section, "Validate Title Trend," we can already see an interesting pattern emerging.



Step 4: Validate Title Trend

In the detailed view of "Happiness Falls: A Novel" and Angie Kim, we discover even more intriguing information. The success has been steadily increasing over the last 3 months, and the author garnered significant attention in July and August on social media and online searches – time for some research.



It turns out that "Happiness Falls: A Novel" is only Angie Kim's second publication, but her first one won numerous awards ( She also wrote a short story, "A Planned Occasion," with many positive reviews. Her latest work was released at the end of August, explaining the curves for Social Reach and Online Reach, even though the Online Reach curve was slightly ahead. The success data from the last 3 months stem from an earlier listing, and the green line in the Success Development indicates that the title is also being published in Germany – though not yet with a German translation.


To get an idea of her social media presence, you might want to check out the following video from a BookTuber at 09:14 minutes in: a BIG end of summer book haul 🌞 (50 books!!!).



Step 5: Extract Content Trend

Finally, we can quickly get an overview of the basic content. "A family's search for their missing father and secrets revealed" gives us a good sense of the title's fundamental theme. This feature becomes more relevant in Step 3 when we select multiple titles. Please note that we have two summaries because the title is listed in two different genres.




In this analysis, we utilized Success Analytics' Trend Scouting product to identify a promising author, Angie Kim. Through meticulous filtering and examination of genre and title trends, we discovered "Happiness Falls: A Novel" as a standout work in Angie Kim's portfolio. With consistent success growth and notable online presence, Angie Kim's potential shines brightly.


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