We provide access to use case tailored book data

Lit-X focuses on book publishers, booksellers, agents, and professional authors as customers.

We provide AI & data products that allow you to dive into trends, prices, bookfluencers, or custom solutions.

For this purpose, we collect data from the most relevant sources, aggregate it, clean it and create the Lit-X data treasure.

We then provide access to this data treasure via dashboards and a GPT-chat.

The dashboards are tailored to specific, very concrete use cases, that ensure our products are as relevant as possible to our customers.

You can purchase all use cases separately, or in a bundle.

  • We create the Lit-X data treasure using the most relevant sources.

  • We provide access to the Lit-X data treasure via use case tailored dashboards & a GPT-chat.

We solve concrete daily challenges with AI & data

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Check our trends use cases

For lectors and program management, to optimize the titles you publish.

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Check our bookfluencer use cases

For (online) marketing, to optimize your usage of bookfluencers and drive sales.

Check our prices use cases

For sales, to optimize the top-line via optimally set prices.

You ask, we answer

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What's AI about this?

Our AI product is "Lit-GPT", sort of a "AI Literature Agent", a GPT-like chat interface, that enables you to ask any literature data-related question in a conversational way and receive a data-driven answer. Our AI Literature Agent can:

  • Highlight the most important data points for you
  • Summarize large quantities of data
  • Help you navigate our immense Lit-X data treasure
  • Link you to our use case tailored dashboards for manual in-depth analyses

Feel free to check it out here: Lit-GPT

Apart from that, we have AI inherently integrated in all value creation levels of our product: from data collection to processing to visualization. Everything you see is, to a certain degree, the product of AI-driven processes. 


Is all of this legal?


We have spent significant time and effort to ensure our products are 100% legal. A professional legal assessment has been conducted and provided us with concrete measures necessary to stay within solid legal boundaries. Some of these measures include, but are not limited to: 

  • Ensure we are not competing with any of the sources we use
  • Ensure we have no negative effects on sources
  • Ensure we use an appropriate amount of data
  • Adhere to intellectual property rights, copyrights, data protection, and database legislation. 

We renew our legal assessment regularly and stay up to date to ensure compliance of our operations with legal requirements. 

Our data allows us a unique perspective on the industry

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