Our Vision: "Support literature professionals' intuition and experience with AI & analytics."

We recognize the need of intuition and experience in an art-based business field such as literature (publishing).

However, we do believe that AI & analytics can help to guide intuition and to complement experience. They can add reliability over time, compensate for limited market knowledge, create repeatable results, serve as a well-founded discussion basis, and save a ton of time and frustration.

We aim towards reaching this vision by providing AI-enhanced literature data in our two product lines: Success Analytics and Success Prediction.


Lit-X co-founder Lars Leipson gives a 5 minute pitch plus Q&A introducing the fundamental idea, issues addressed, functionality and benefits of Lit-X.

Success Analytics

Lit-X Success Analytics is aimed at book publishers, booksellers, agents and professional authors.

In the separate use cases Trend Scouting and Price Setting, it offers the opportunity to work in an AI- and data-driven way.

For example, international trends can be identified at genre, author or title level in the USA and Germany and validated using time series analyses, social media bookfluencers and online presence.

Print and online prices can be optimized by setting an initial price in comparison to an individual peer group of publishers, authors or titles, enabling life-cycle pricing via a cohort comparison and estimating the sales impact of price changes.

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